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Mothers I Stand with you....

Like every mother from the moment, I found I was pregnant I began to worry. I worried about how I would protect my kids. Would I be a good enough mother? Could I keep them safe? I feared that I would not be able to provide everything they needed. I was scared that my abundance of love would not be enough. I was always afraid. I was so focused on all the things that could go wrong, that I couldn't see the things that were going right. I often forgot to imagine all of the great possibilities. While what I worry about has slightly changed as they get older, I know that these worries will continue until I take my last breath. Even with all of my worries, I know that some mothers worry way more than I could ever comprehend.

You see, my children are white. They were born with privilege. It is a privilege that no amount of education or money can buy.  Their skin color will afford them more than they will ever comprehend. I will try my hardest to make sure they understand the privilege tha…

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