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Rediscover Yourself This Year!

  It is the time of year where we all make those ridiculous New Year’s Resolutions. We proclaim to the world that we are going to eat healthier, work out more, and be a better person. I am guilty of declaring “A New Year, A New Me”. There are always some over-achievers who stick with those resolutions. Or so they claim. I am not one of those people. Very seldom do I make resolutions, but I do occasionally challenge myself. In 2019, I committed to a thirty-day yoga challenge. I completed it. I actually did yoga for 365 days straight. This is possibly the one time in my life that I could be considered an over-achiever. My resolution this year is another challenge, but I want my female readers to take this challenge with me. As wives and mothers, we sacrifice so many things for our families. It is our decision and we do it out of love. We do it with grace. Last year families made more sacrifices than ever. No matter what sacrifice we have made, sometimes we feel unappreciated. The sacri

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