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An Immigrant's Struggle

Lately, my husband has taken up writing and started his own blog. He has always been an excellent conversationalist, willing to share a story or impart some wisdom to anyone willing to listen. Often, people have told him he should become a politician or write a book. Thus The Bantering Barman was born. Thanks to everyone for encouraging him (I say that with 73% sincerity and 27% sarcasm). I would be a liar if I said I wasn’t jealous of his writing. It comes so naturally to him. He sits down to write his blog, and the words pour out. There is no second-guessing or writer’s block. He makes it look effortless. When all is said and done, his posts are eloquent and heartwarming. He writes about what he knows and, more importantly, what he loves. He writes about his first home and the Immigrant experience, or at least his experience as an immigrant. Almost 30 years ago, he left Ireland and made America his home. He worked, he played, and he eventually started a family. He put down roots her

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