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Say Cheese, Even When You Do Not Want To!

This month we celebrated my mother’s 80th birthday. With the pandemic safety measures, we held small gathering. We wished we could have invited the world to celebrate all the greatness that encompasses our mom, but to protect her and others, we kept it to a few key people in her life. Now it is important to understand a few things about our mom. She hates being the center of attention and she HATES having her picture taken (I will come back to this later). My teenage daughter broke all the rules and lied to my mom to get her to my house. Once she realized we deceived her, she declared my daughter would “get hers”. Despite her resistance to celebrating her birthday and parties, she admitted having a good time. Her low-key celebration comprised food, cake, and the ever important Coca-Cola. Most importantly, this meant catching up with some of the many important people in her life. That was our ultimate goal for her. She enjoyed the day and did not roll her eyes at us once. We take th

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