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Love Should't Hurt!

February is upon us and everyone’s mind will be on Valentine’s Day. Dinners, cards, chocolates, and romance will be on the agenda this month. For some lucky couples, an engagement may be in the works.  Romance will be in the air for many couples of all ages.  While some will celebrate the month of love, the harsh reality is for many Valentine’s Day will be anything but romantic.  February is also Teen Dating Violence (TDV) Awareness Month. Teenagers are dating earlier than past generations, whether in group settings or as individual couples. Often this occurs without parental knowledge. They are maturing faster than ever and are taking part in adult activities.  As parents, we want to protect our children every minute of the day, but we have learned that it is an impossible goal. When our teens explore relationships and eventually start dating, we worry about so many things. Naturally, we are concerned about sex, pregnancy, and broken hearts. We pray they remember everything we taught

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