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Writing has always been a dream of mine. It was a way for me to escape the madness of the world around me. As a young child, I loved writing stories and news reports. I often narrated those news reports over my mother’s favorite cassette tapes. In the middle of her favorite Joe Cocker song, I would interrupt with Breaking News. She never yelled at me, however I’m sure she had a lot to say behind my back. She still has those tapes tucked away. She has always encouraged me to write and follow my dreams. I’ve had some of the greatest cheerleaders in my life. Encouraging me through school, through every published article and even through the rejection letters. They shared those school papers with everyone. Even the cheesiest articles were praised. As times changed the love shown to me did not, but the way they shared my articles and posts did. Social Media became the new way for them to share my work. They always made sure that people knew I had written a new piece. But now those people ar

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