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My Dear Son, Thank You for Being You!

When I envisioned my family it looked very different from what I got.  My husband and I always talked about having four kids.  We always said we wanted two boys and two girls.  I didn’t get my little cookie-cutter family, but what I got was so much better.

In 2007, I was blessed with my beautiful daughter.  She was the most awesome baby and is now a pretty amazing tween.  She makes being a mom easy!  She is definitely my greatest accomplishment.  I could brag about her for days, and in another piece, I will, but this one isn’t about her.

We didn’t get our four kids for a multitude of reasons including finances, age, and infertility.  My first pregnancy was a beautiful surprise.  I was just engaged and wasn’t even thinking about being pregnant.  My second pregnancy didn’t happen as easily.  After a year of trying to conceive, followed by tests and blood draws; I started Clomid.  A year on Clomid, a cocktail of vitamins, and giving up caffeine, I finally conceived my youngest child.  W…

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