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Missing my mom on Mother's Day!

Although Mother’s Day may be celebrated on different dates around the world, the sentiment is always the same.  Mothers are a special gift.  Traditions vary by culture and family, but they almost always involve special meals and gifts.
Our tradition is simple yet perfect.  On Mothers’s Day we all flock to my mom’s house.  My family, my sister’s family, my brother, and his girlfriend all gather to spend time with her.  My mother is not one to have people make a fuss over her, and we respect that.  However, we still shower her with cards, gifts, and most importantly our love!  My brother barbecues for her or she gets her favorite fried chicken.  There is no fancy dinner or high priced gifts, just the love of a family for its matriarch.

This year Mother’s Day looks different for most people.  Sadly, many people have had to say goodbye to their mothers this past year.  For others, Covid-19 might keep them from seeing their moms.  Fortunately for me, my mother is still with us, but I’m sti…

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