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Many Names, One Purpose.

I was born and raised catholic, as were my siblings. We made all of our sacraments and attended Catholic School. Once we reached a certain age we were allowed to make our own decisions when it came to religion and our faith. I strayed away from the church as I didn't agree with all of the beliefs. One particular reason I chose not to attend church on a regular basis was because of my mother. My mother was all but divorced from my father. She met another man who raised me from before the I was born. They built a life together. However my mother was viewed as a sinner and felt like an outcast in a place that had once given her comfort. Although she did not attend mass regularly she continued her faith outside of the church. All of these years later my mother has still maintained her faith. Till this day she still prays her Rosary faithfully. After meeting my husband and more importantly his mother I began attending church again. Not because I was pressured, but because I was ready to

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