Friends are God's apology for relations.

So I missed last weeks’ blog and am late with this week’s one, but I guess thus is the life of a writing mommy. I am always mommy first. I have also been struggling about what to write. It’s hard because sometimes the things that I am passionate about others could care less about. I figured that if I do not write about things that interest me to some extent, my writing would not be worth reading.

The other night, I was watching my daughter playing dolls by herself. Let me add she plays very well independently. I realized that by time I was her age I had already met my best friend. At the young age of two, I had already met the girl who would be my biggest confidant later in life. Just learning to talk, we were able to communicate enough to form an unbreakable bond. It made me cry. Why? I was crying for two reasons. First, because I was lucky enough to still have this girl in my life 30 years later. Second, I wondered if my daughter would ever be so fortunate to have a bond and a life-long friendship like I have. Not everyone is that fortunate. I wondered has she met her best friend yet, or has she yet to be born?

So looking beyond me and my best friend, or who my daughter’s best friend would be, it makes you think about friendships. I know not all friendships can be as strong or long lasting as one could hope. People become friends for various reasons. There are friends from the neighborhood, school and college friends, work friends and friends who are your friends out of convenience. Some friendships are give and take, as it should be. Others, are one sided. You chase and chase trying to appease this friend, but they only want you around when they need something. Some friendships last a life time and others end abruptly. Whether it ends because of a disagreement or betrayal or just because the friendship has run its course, they were never really true friendships. A true friend can have the world in common with you, or nothing. They laugh no matter how many times you tell the same story, always give you a shoulder to cry on without saying “I told you so”. You do not have talk to a true friend for months, but when you do it’s like you never miss a beat! A true friend loves you unconditionally.

Whoever my daughters’ best friend turns out to be, I can only hope she stands by her through the good and bad, helps her make right decisions and loves her unconditionally. The way my best friend has been there for me.


  1. Best friends are so amazing - I've lived and loved all over the world, but returned home after I realized I will never have the bonds I have here, and I want my (nonexistent) kid(s) to have the same community, friends & family I was fortunate to have.
    I wish you and your family the best!

  2. Beautiful, Mary. I remember in Girl Scouts (way back in the 70's) singing about "make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other's gold." As I get older, 49 this past January, I know how this song was way far deeper than I knew back then. I love people. I make friends easily. My best friend has stuck with me through it all and at my worst.

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