Another New Blogger?

Why am I starting a blog? Many may ask. When I figure it out,I will let you know. What I do know as that I have always had a passion for writing. I do not remember a time in my life where I wasn't writing something. I was always writing stories, fake newscasts, articles for school publications and poems. So it was a surprise for me that people actually paid me to do it. But lately, I have lost that drive to write and I am trying to figure out two things. Why? and How to get it back! So in my mind the idea of starting a blog sounded like a good way to get my passion back. Maybe I need a change on what I write. So I may use my blog as a means to test waters on what is in my mind and turn it into something more.

Writing is still my passion, but no longer my number one. My precious daughter is why I do everything I do these days! She is my reason for breathing. Which is the most amazing feeling in the world. Everything I do, is done for her. But maybe just maybe, I need to occasionally throw something in the mix for myself....Hence the desire to be writing again. So I expect my friends and Blog readers to please give feedback on my thoughts and ideas that I throw at you! We shall see, maybe I shall write again!!!


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